Studio Points

Houses embody the evolution in my work. I have always been interested in modest projects and in clients with simple but profound briefs. I begin every project with a powerful tiny model that captures the essence of the design. Light, seasons, climate weather all inform the shape, material and volume of the work. I have always been interested in using off-the-shelf material and products and end up pushing them in innovative ways. I often work with existing buildings where small moves transform everything. From the small details to the grand idea, I design for light, for seasons and for weather. Having traveled and trekked in the wind, rain, snow, sun, plains, rivers, mountains, and cities I have a deep appreciation for the land and its capacity to be such an extraordinary storyteller letting us know how to make magnificent places that elegantly bring us joy and calm and ultimately home.

Additional Dwelling Unit
Additional Dwelling Unit

2017 - ADU

Additional Dwelling Unit

2001 - 8th Street

Stoen House
Stoen House
Stoen House

"I believe that the single strongest benefit of your service was your ability to see and explore past the blinders that (I) had regarding what was possible and advisable for the remodel of our home. I was initially a bit afraid of your 'ease/willingness' to explore what I thought at the time were radical changes. In fact, it was beneficial (necessary for me) to see/acknowledge a large spectrum of the possibilities to change our home living experience in order to better zero in on those changes that today seem so perfect to me. You inspired us to start from the correct questions and evolve through an exploratory, then design phase, in spite of my inclination to jump to "what I thought I wanted", which in retrospect, would not have been the great living experience we now have." C. Lord

2005 - Aurora


2005 - Westwoods of Boulder

Westwoods of Boulder

2000 - Rice-McKenna


1999 - Lopez-Demarinis

Lopez-Demarinis House

1998 - Jackbuilt 01

JackBuilt House
Jackbuilt House

"...the best house we have ever lived in... it is so well thought out... wonderful, wonderful details were discovered such as the moonlight falling through the series of skylights." E. Jacobson

1997 - Houses with a Conscience

Houses With A Conscience

Our history includes working with common materials and on modest projects. Our strategy on these projects is to make one big move that changes everything. Here it was to install a translucent floor that draws light down from the finished attic into the heart of the house.

1997 - Shaffer

Shaffer House

Our guests always remark, "What an amazing house!" upon entering our home. What's more, we get to live in it, and will happily continue to even now that we're empty-nesters. That's because ml emphasizes the spatial quality over quantity, interest over expanse, the personal over the popular. ml transformed our 1960's tract box into a jewel." B. Shaffer

Shaffer House
Shaffer House

1996 - Church-Barn-House

Church Barn House
Church Barn House
Church Barn House

1994 - Sohr

Sohr Tower

"My wife and I engaged a team, of which ml robles was a member, to design our primary residence many years ago. We still live in that house and have engaged Studio Points for two major additions/remodels since. The service of the most value in all three of our projects was the front-end time spent by Studio Points listening to us and to determine just what we wanted the end product to be. Studio Points always honored the fact that it was, in fact, our project and we were the ones who would live with it for years to come. The drawings reflected our tastes and our budget. We've been most pleased with the experience and have enjoyed the living spaces created by Studio Points every day for the past 33 years." A.K. Owen

1991 - Studio Points - STUDIO

Studio Points Studio

1988 - Rebecca DiDomenico

Rebecca House

Way back at the beginning, our success in cocreating this house with a renown Boulder artist set us on a path to tap the beauty within all of our clients' dream.